Kota Kinabalu is never short of places to chill and eat good food. Here we list some of the popular local cafe that local and tourist like to visit.

1. El Centro Cafe & Restaurant

A cafe serving tacos, soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts until 10pm, El Centro is also a watering hole until much later. This new venue is all about people and conversation. It’s the likely the only non-smoking bar in KK, and has no live band – so if you want to go and have good old conversation, then El Centro is great choice. The drinks prices are reasonable, and owner Katie K. do a variety of delicious and strong cocktails. There’s wine by the glass and beer by the bucket.

2. Biru-Biru Cafe & Bar

Its the cafe that’s just opened in the heart of KK (January 1st 2015 to be exact). Let’s just say it now, KK is a damn cool city to be in and we want the world to know it. We’ve got drinks, food infused with a whole load of Sabah, lihing, KICK ASS WAFFLES and a nice place for you to come hang out and meet people.

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